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We are changing the way our military members think about relocation.  


Red or Green?  While it may be our state question, Hatch chiles aren’t the only thing New Mexico is known for.  We are home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites- Chaco Canyon, Taos Pueblo and Carlsbad Caverns- rich in history, culture, and photo worthy scenery that will take your breath away.  While they didn’t make the official list, Bandelier, Gila Cliff Dwellings, Pecos National Historical Park, and Abo Ruins, are a few of our favorites!  Apart from incredible historical sites, Taos offers some of the best skiing and white water rafting in the country!  As a matter of fact, New Mexico is home to nine ski resorts.  Did we mention big game hunting?  How about the year-round ice cave at Bandera Volcano, Blue Hole, White Sands National Park, or Billy the Kid?  Did you know that New Mexico is the original wine country of the Unites States, dating back to the early 1500’s?  While we may not be Napa Valley, we have some of the best vineyards in the country that are worth an afternoon drive, such as La Chiripada and La Viña, and others that are an Uber ride around Albuquerque metro- but be sure to stop at one of the many award winning breweries for a flight and local fare, and If you listen, you'll hear adventure calling- her name is New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment!

Kirtland AFB PCS, Military Relocation, The Bennett Team
Kirtland AFB PCS, Military Relocation, The Bennett Team


Let us help you discover the possibilities: Whether this is your first home, home away from home, or a portfolio investment, our team will walk beside you in this journey as you enter into this new chapter of your life.


You've decided to make the move.  That two bedroom flat in the Southern Alps of Aviano Italy, is calling your name.   Now what?  Marketing matters, and we strive to set our clients properties apart from the one two doors down.  Let us be the ones who say farewell!

Kirtland AFB PCS, Military Relocation, The Bennett Team
Kirtland AFB PCS, Military Relocation, The Bennett Team, Balloon Fiesta


We are changing the way we think about Real Estate.  Our approach to serving military communities is tangible and simplified, regardless of where the next duty station is.

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