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Andrew and Sarah are at the forefront of transforming the military relocation experience.  With a love for New Mexico, they do more than assist with real estate transactions; they introduce people to the rich heritage and natural wonders that make New Mexico so special. Their services are a heartfelt homage to the state's vibrant history and diverse outdoor and culinary delights.

Andrew, a Purple Heart recipient and veteran, served in 2nd Ranger Battalion/75th Ranger Regiment and continues to serve through his roles in the New Mexico Military Order of the Purple Heart and DOD training facilitator with the 58th SOW.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Relocation Recon, he employs his military discipline and leadership expertise to facilitate seamless transitions to and from Kirtland.

As the Director of Operations, Sarah brings a wealth of experience from her beginnings in real estate in 2007 to directing a Florida State Senate campaign spanning seven counties. Her strategic skills, honed at the Campaign Leadership College in DC and the International School of Fundraising in Israel, have given her a unique perspective on engaging communities and running intricate operations.

Together, they deliver a real estate service that's rooted in community-building and quality service. Their work is guided by their patriotic values and faith, focused on more than just the sale—it's about welcoming clients into New Mexico's community and helping them design the next chapter in life. With Relocation Recon, they're not just selling houses; they're helping people find a place that truly feels like home.


To redefine the way we move by making the relocation process simple, efficient, and seamless for past and present military members, and families, around the country- welcome to New Mexico!

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Success is a collaborative effort and we could not do what we do without those who work so hard behind the scenes, and throughout each transaction- thank you!

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